Technicians at any time
for every project

Do you need additional manpower for your project, either for the short or long term? We provide technicians who meet your specific needs, exactly when you need them. Whether it's individual skilled workers, pairs, or complete teams, TEAM is here to assist you.
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Our technicians

Electrical Engineering

  • E&I technicians
  • Commissioning Technicians
  • Electricians

Structural Steel

  • Welders
  • Pipefitters
  • Mechanics


  • Scaffolders
  • Insulators
  • Industrial painters


  • ATEX Inspector
  • NEN3140 Inspector
  • QA/QC Inspector

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About us

About TEAM

At TEAM, our mission is clear: at any time, for every project, we aim to provide our clients with high-quality and reliable technicians who approach their work with a smile on their faces.
About Us
Founded in 2019, TEAM was established with the goal of bringing a social and friendly player to the Dutch staffing market for technicians. The name "TEAM" was chosen to make everyone associated with the company experience that they are an integral and equal part of the organization.

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