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At TEAM, our mission is clear: at any given moment, for any project, we aim to provide our clients with skilled and reliable technicians who approach their work with a smile on their face, ensuring quality and satisfaction.
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In 2019, TEAM was founded with the idea of adding a social and friendly player to the Dutch temporary employment market for technicians. The name TEAM was chosen because we want everyone connected to the company to experience that they are an equal part of the organization.


At TEAM, we strive to create a warm and pleasant environment for our employees. Many of our employees come from abroad and have their daily lives here in the Netherlands, away from their families back home. That is why, as an employer, we go the extra mile to make everyone feel comfortable.

We understand that when our employees feel welcome and at ease, they are more likely to stay connected with us for the long term. Our goal is to build a close-knit community where everyone feels valued and supported. We believe that only an employee who feels good is capable of delivering maximum performance to our clients.

Since TEAM utilizes a large network of technicians directly or indirectly associated with us, we are almost always able to quickly provide a solution to our clients' staffing needs. When selecting technicians for a project, we always consider the specific tasks that need to be performed. This ensures that the deployed technicians have the right work experience and necessary certifications. As a result, TEAM's technicians are productive from day one.

Our commitment to the performance of our technicians knows no bounds. At TEAM, we do everything possible to enable our employees to perform optimally for our clients. The flexibility of our service makes this possible. At TEAM, we adapt to both the individual situation of our employees and that of our clients. Our service is always focused on the most efficient progress of a project.

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